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Corrientes Province, Argentina


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Life on the Estancia

Riddled with rivers and wetlands, the province of Corrientes provides a lush, subtropical home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna,  and a rich culture and history strongly influenced by the Guaraní, European settlers, the Jesuits and Brazil.

We offer horseback riding adventures that showcase the magic and spirit of the Corrientes gaucho of the past, present and future. Unique and exciting experiences that encompass breath-taking scenery on magnificent horses, charming customs, delicious meals – all organized with the skill and warmth of the gaucho.

These horse-riding treks take you through unique and unforgettable landscapes: marshes, lagoons, pampas, woods, islands and jungle.

A warm Welcome

We work closely with two very special, family-managed estancias near Esquina, in the southwest corner of the province. They both offer an intimate atmosphere, great comfort, good quality rooms and friendly staff. And both provide exciting and unique riding experiences for the whole family in the pampas and tropical forests of Corrientes.

Corrientes offers guests a unique experience of Argentina, and we can help you experience it to the fullest using our estancias as a base to experience local rodeos, professional hunting and fishing trips, tours of historic towns and the world famous Iberá Wetland Natural Reserve.

We host guests and their families at our Estancias year-round.

Estancia La Pelada

A home base for many of our horses, Estancia La Pelada provides accommodation and services above and beyond expectations. Located on the shores of the Corriente River, surrounded by wetlands and wildlife, our guests enjoy access to wildlife safaris, river fishing, boating, river crossing on horseback, and long horseback rides across the countryside.

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When to come

 We invite you to come and stay with us in Corrientes year-round. With a warm sub-tropical climate and beautiful scenery, whether viewed from horseback or from the veranda of our hospitable Estancia La Pelada. We are waiting for you here.

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Getting here

When you visit our estancias, we will be waiting for you in the town of Esquina, Corrientes Province in northeastern Argentina. The wild landscapes, warm people and colonial-style architecture of this small, charming town attract visitors from around the world. 

It is very easy to get to Esquina from Buenos Aires. By car: the drive takes approximately 6 hours through the Province of Entre Rio. By bus: our guests often take the night bus, which departs from Buenos Aires and offers our guests a comfortable sleeping coach, movies, dinner and breakfast service. Leaving Retiro Terminal Station at 8 p.m., the bus arrives in Esquina before 5 a.m. where we will be waiting for you at the station. We can arrange your bus tickets for you.

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