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2 to 10 days




Year round


Argentina is one of the most beautiful places in the world for horseback riding. Our horseback excursions pay homage to the age-old traditions of the gaucho, the indigenous herdsmen of the Argentinian Pampas.

We offer horseback riding adventures that showcase the magic and spirit of the Corrientes gaucho of the past, present and future. Unique and exciting experiences that encompass breath-taking scenery on magnificent horses, charming customs, delicious meals – all organized with the skill and warmth of the gaucho.

Our custom travel options are tailored to suit your interests, depending on your riding skill level, time availability, preferences and type of group (for example, one including children). You do not need to be an experienced rider since we have excellent, tame, rustic horses with a calm nature, and we offer traditional native riding equipment that guarantees comfort during long journeys.

These horse-riding treks take you through unique and unforgettable landscapes: marshes, lagoons, pampas, woods, islands and jungle. We can arrange trips of between 2 to 10 days, depending on your needs.


Explore new landscapes travelling estancia to estancia through the lush countryside bordering the sandy shores of the Corriente River. Receive a warm welcome as you enjoy your time at both Estancia Buena Vista and Estancia La Pelada. 

Working the Herd

Live the genuine gaucho life: Work cattle on horseback and experience gaucho culture, food and traditions. Your time will be spent on both relaxing and working rides that provide an experience of the gaucho lifestyle. This rustic adventure offers a rare and authentic cultural exchange – hard to find anywhere else.

Camping Tour

Join us for rustic, multi-day camping trips in the rural and remote regions of the province of Corrientes. These trips offer flexibility to explore trails and grasslands rarely seen by others, crossing rivers and eating traditionally, rich and delicious foods prepared and served in the countryside.

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