If you want to feel like a real gaucho, you need a horse and some accessories. Choose a pattern and let us know which one you like and we will order it for you.

Gauchos often dress in a manner distinct to their region. A typical gaucho outfit includes a poncho, which is also used as a saddle blanket and for sleeping, a large knife tucked into the back of a wide leather when not in use, and loose-fitting trousers called bombachas. Footwear varies, but most commonly consists of cloth alpagartas or tall leather boots. Historically, the knife was typically the only eating instrument that a gaucho carried. In addition to the familiar lariat line used to lasso livestock, gauchos use bolas or boleadoras: three leather bound rocks tied together with long leather straps. Bolas were thrown at the legs of an animal to entwine and immobilize it.