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I am Dario Gallardo, a third-generation descendant of gauchos and horse breeders in my region, Corrientes. In 2001, I decided to share my passion for horses and Argentinian customs by organizing horse-riding adventures and authentic cultural experiences.

We believe strongly in sustainable, community-based rural tourism: tourism activities that provide community economic development opportunities for rural and remote families. We deeply respect the people and lifestyle of the communities where we work. Your adventures with us provide an authentic cultural experience for you while offering grass-roots economic opportunity for those we work with – improving the quality of life for the communities we visit.




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Our other gauchos

We work with family and friends across Argentina and we are dedicated to providing you with memorable adventures that give you the unique opportunity to feel the magic of Argentina and experience gaucho life, first hand. 

The gauchos working with us are skilled and dedicated. They will support you on your adventure and welcome you, for a time, into their lives.

Gaucho Rodrigo

Gaucho Rodrigo and his family call the village of Amblayo home, nestled deep in the mountains near Salta. He has first hand knowledge of the high mountain passes and gaucho homes that host our groups in the evening. His family home in the Calchaquíes Valley provides a home base for our adventures.

Gaucho Edmundo

Gaucho Edmundo has lived his entire life in the mountains and valleys of the Andes. He and his family are based in Los Loicas and provide a home base for our expedition.